Learning Together

Vertical Leadership Consulting brings the power of peer learning with expert content to help leaders: 


By combining expert content with insight sharing, you will gain valuable knowledge while connecting with your peers to find solutions to common challenges.


Each Learning Together offering includes 6 topics targeted to help you:


• Learn to lead in a hybrid environment
• Articulate your purpose and align with actions for wellbeing
• Develop critical skills that propel your career
• Be a champion of change and engage others to solve the complex problems of your organization.

With an investment of 2 hours a month, you will build a meaningful network and critical skills for success.


As I work with clients, the common theme is a yearning for connection.


Leaders do not want another training class where they are being talked at by the trainer.

They don’t want a model forced down their throat.

What they do want: 

Engagement and discussions with other leaders around various models. What has worked for others? Where have others struggled?

Expert content that challenges them to think differently.

A safe space to share concerns and to draw from others perspectives and experiences.

Build a network of camaraderie. Leaders I can form connections with where I feel safe, grounded, and focused in a volatile and uncertain world.

“This is less expensive than sending one manager to a typical executive MBA program and they are building confidence and skills together.”

Learning Together

creates space for leaders to have human conversations while developing leadership skills. The benefits of having a 2-hour discussion with 4-5 leaders around a leadership challenge are:

Develop critical skills needed for today
Develop connections with other leaders
Extended intelligence - yours + others
Insights for the future by reflecting on your experiences
Build relationships, a sense of camaraderie and connections that help you navigate an uncertain world

Wellbeing and Purpose 

For Individual Contributors and Managers

Wellbeing is a sense of health and vitality that arises from your thoughts, emotions, actions, and experiences.  When we have well-being, we feel happy, healthy, socially connected, and purposeful.  We can improve our well-being by building a certain set of skills.  This series will guide participants to discover and articulate their purpose, develop resiliency, and how to support others in achieving wellbeing.

(Value $3,400)

One Coaching Session (Value $625)
Total Value: $4,025
Regular Price: $2,250

Today’s Price; $1,500


Connect and Lead in a Hybrid Workplace

For Managers

Leaders are caught in the hybrid workplace tug of war.  Employees are demanding flexible work.  Companies are worried about retaining talent, so they’re exploring new work arrangements.  But they also need to create a collaborative, cohesive culture, and drive accountability for performance.  Leaders are caught in the middle, struggling to make it all work.  Most of them haven’t done this before.  This series will build Key skills for your leaders to effectively lead in a hybrid workplace.  

(Value $5,000)

One Coaching Session (Value $625)
Total Value: $5,625
Regular Price: $2,250

Today’s Price; $1,500


From Top Performer to Manager

For Individual Contributors
and High-Potentials

High potential employees are the future of a company and need opportunities to accelerate their growth.  Give you up and coming leaders ongoing development to propel their careers, develop critical skills and build your organization leadership benchstrength.

(Value $5,000)

One Coaching Session (Value $625)
Total Value: $5,625
Regular Price: $2,250

Today’s Price; $1,500


Transformative Leadership

For Director/VP Level

Change is the way of the world and successfully navigating is key to your company’s survival.  The reality is that transformation means you need leaders who have very different skill sets than you have now.  Driving change is easier for some leaders than others.  The challenge is developing your leaders to be champions of change, engage others in solving complex problems, and influence others to get on board.  Transformation requires your leaders at every level to start thinking differently.  Your leaders not only need to create a strong vision, but be able to influence others to buy into it.  These courses will build leader’s capacity in critical reflection on organization and management.

(Value $3,400)

One Coaching Session (Value $625)
Total Value: $5,625
Regular Price: $2,250

Today’s Price; $1,500


Free Coaching

While learning from others has lots of benefits, individualized coaching can quickly unlock your full potential. For individuals that register by April 30, 2023 will receive 1 coaching session free (1-hour)!

Your coach will support you to uncover the barriers that are holding you back and provide a few options for ongoing development.

“This has been the best training program I’ve experienced over the 30 years since I started leading.”

I am always disheartened when leaders that are struggling say “I don’t have time for learning.”

The truth is - you don’t have the luxury of not spending the time. Our industries are volatile, uncertain, ambiguous, and complex. It requires leaders to continually be learning to efficiently and effectively handle the complex problems that you are facing each and every day.

An investment of 2 hours a month pays dividends!

After investing in learning, leaders use these words to describe the experience:

Insightful Exciting  Helpful  Empowering
Refreshed  Beneficial  Strategic

Exactly what I needed!

“You wonder, how can something this simple work? But it creates thinking points. The process promotes better leadership through engagement. It is a structured conversation that we have together, but it does not impose a structure. It draws out our experience, relates to our felt needs.”

These courses are perfect for you if…


Want to take action to improve your capabilities

Are struggling to navigate through the complexity and know there must be a better way

Need to build critical skills quickly and efficiently

Need to be challenged to see things differently

Your instructor:
Becky Andree

With over 30 years of leadership development and facilitation in Fortune 100 companies, I know the pressures you are facing!

Becky Andree, PhD specializes in developing leaders' thinking and capabilities. She works with executives and leaders in medium-sized companies to develop the cognitive capacity required for the complexity they are facing. She also serves as faculty for both the U.S. Government Federal Executive Institute and the University of Wisconsin teaching leadership and organizational development courses.

Her leadership development programs have been translated into 13 languages and are used in over 20 countries.

71% of leaders that engage in 1-on-1 coaching with Dr. Becky are promoted within 12 months. 85% of leaders that have been in her training programs are promoted within 36 months.