Our clients are curious, courageous, caring, and committed! They are looking for a partner to challenge their thinking, exchange ideas, and support development.

A wise elder once told me “listen to the effort they are willing to put in and then only give an equal amount of effort.” We put a lot of effort into our offerings because our clients do too!

Radically Effective Leadership Development

We deliver leadership training experiences that activate leaders’ innate potential and result in immediate and transformational change. We are experts in how leaders think, direct, and achieve--from delegation to decision-making. Our offerings are customized to your unique needs and draw on a wide range of program formats from individual 2 hour sessions to year-long programs.

Executive Coaching Like No Other

Our executive coaching--designed for the C-Suite and two layers down-- starts with you: we understand how you make sense of the world. We help you experiment with new ways of thinking and acting. We coach your team right in the work, using the daily challenges and opportunities your team faces, so progress is visible from the start--to you and the people you lead. Sixty percent of our clients are promoted within 3-12 months after working with us. The most common words clients use to describe us: energizing, reflective, informative, relevant, and exciting.

Leadership Teams that Thrive Together 

Leadership teams need to work together seamlessly for the organization to thrive: senior leaders need to trust each other, collaborate cross-functionally, and, most importantly, make effective decisions together. Yet all too often silos, miscommunication, and competition can get in the way. We can help: our programs identify the challenges your leadership team faces, activate collective potential, and show you how to thrive together.

Succession Planning that Results in Success

It’s not easy to identify individuals for important future leadership roles; it’s even harder to make sure they’re ready. We help you do both. Our assessments objectively identify the leaders best positioned to guide your company today and in the future. We build individualized programs to make sure leaders build skills and expand their thinking, so you know they’ll be ready.

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