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We excel at creating goldilocks zones!

Working with Vertical Leadership Consulting means you get just the right amount of challenge to optimize horizontal and vertical growth.


People learn and work better when the challenges they face in their roles are just right. 

My colleagues and I call this balance-point the goldilocks zone, because it’s where the level of challenge is just right.

When employers get this balance right, they increase engagement, happiness (satisfaction), quality of communication, productivity, and even cultural health.

– Dr. Theo Dawson

Vertical Leadership Consulting helps you achieve the goldilocks zone by finding the perfect place to integrate vertical development within your existing horizontal development. 

We help you re-imagine:

  • Recruitment

  • Leadership Development

  • Succession Planning

  • Learning Programs


and more!

Here's how it works:



Increase engagement and productivity by making sure the complexty level of your next hire's thinking fits the complexity demands of the job. A good fit predicts which candidates are most likely to be in Goldilocks zone—where the level of challenge is just right.


Ensure that your employees receive maximum support for vertical learning, with diagnostic assessments that support learning in the Goldilocks zone. Test takers learn about their vertical capabilities and growth edges, receive individualized recommendations, and are shown how to learn optimally. 


Learn how to support vertical growth and increase engagement in every corner of your organization. In our customized workshop for HR leaders, we'll show you how easy it is to integrate practices that support vertical development into your existing talent management processes.