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Creating Future Capabilities

Advancing leader’s thinking capabilities to thrive in a complex world.


We live in a time of unprecedented change and solutions aren’t always obvious.  


Most leaders in today’s work environments are NOT suffering from a lack of leadership knowledge or skills.

They are suffering from a gap in the complexity demands of the job and their thinking capacity.


Focusing on holistic development is the key to helping our leaders thrive.

Development is often described as two parts:

Horizontal and Vertical Development


Adding more knowledge, skills, and competencies
What you know


Advancing thinking capabilities
How you think


Although the function and measurement of each is different, it is the relationship between horizontal and vertical that creates robust learning and expands thinking capabilities.


The VLC team are experts at integrating the relationship of horizontal + vertical into talent management processes. 

we leverage cutting-edge research to build practical and effective ways to create future capabilities.  Learn how to thrive in today’s world.

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