$1,500.00 USD

Connect and Lead in a Hybrid Workplace

For Managers

Leaders are caught in the hybrid workplace tug of war. Employees are demanding flexible work. Companies are worried about retaining talent, so they’re exploring new work arrangements. But they also need to create a collaborative, cohesive culture, and drive accountability for performance. Leaders are caught in the middle, struggling to make it all work. Most of them haven’t done this before. This series will build Key skills for your leaders to effectively lead in a hybrid workplace.

Time: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

  • Section 1: Influencing Others: Leading through Trust
    Jun 2
  • Section 2: Dealing with Delegation
    Jul 14
  • Section 3: Accountability: It’s a Tricky World 
    Aug 4
  • Section 4: Managing Conflict in Teams 
    Sep 8
  • Section 5: Coaching and Mentoring Others
    Oct 6
  • Section 6: Leading with Humility
    Nov 3