$275.00 USD

Career Progression for Women

How to get what you want

The world needs more women in positions of power and influence.

You will learn to identify and change a number of inter-related behaviors that often work against women as they seek to be heard and/or advance. We’ll be doing this work as a group, so this is also an opportunity to share and support other women as you navigate the gifts that you already bring to work and how you can move into greater success and fulfillment.

  • Session 1 – How do I define success and where do I get stuck
  • Session 2 – How I self-sabotage and limit my contributions
  • Session 3 – How to Leverage Your Relationships Appropriately and Effectively
  • Session 4 – How to Navigate Societal and Cultural Traps
  • Session 5 – How to Nudge the Culture