$1,500.00 USD

From Top Performer to Manager

For Individual Contributors and High-Potentials (people beginning their journey to management)

High potential employees are the future of a company and need opportunities to accelerate their growth.  Give you up and coming leaders ongoing development to propel their careers, develop critical skills and build your organization leadership benchstrength.  

Time: 2:30 pm– 4:30 pm EST

  • Section 1: Time to Dialogue
    June 2
  • Section 2: Accountability: It’s a Tricky World
    Jul 14
  • Section 3: Candid Conversations 
    Aug 4
  • Section 4: Being a Catalytic Leader 
    Sep 8
  • Section 5: From Listening to Coaching 
    Oct 6
  • Section 6: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Leadership 
    Nov 3