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Vertical Leadership Consulting (VLC) presents a dynamic 6-month program of transformational leadership growth.

Early career or new leaders will be supported in examining the mental, emotional and relational skills needed to deepen their impact. These advanced abilities make them more effective, wise, and authentic, empowering them to lead successfully through complexity, uncertainty and rapid change.

For an investment of 3 hours each month, you will be a member of a small co-hort (maximum of 9 other aspiring leaders). You’ll be guided on a journey that explores your emerging development needs, develops insights through hands-on learning, and uses your everyday work to consciously apply your learning and insights!


  • Leadership Circle Profile Assessment ($500 value)
  • 6 learning sessions (2 face-to-face plus 4 virtually via Zoom)
  • Individual developmental coaching ($1,950 value, 6 hours) to support your leadership journey

Emerging Leader session topics include:

Maximize Your Impact – Learn how to learn effectively! Consciously build habits that maximize your development ROI during this course and beyond

Your Assessment Results – A personal Your Leadership Circle Profile 360 assessment measures your reactive tendencies and creative competencies

Your Reactive Tendencies - Understand your reactive tendencies that are barriers to greater success and create an action plan for change

Your Creative Competencies - Develop scalable behaviors and competencies that accelerate your success and create individual development plan to support you through this journey

Your 6 Leadership Practices – Develop your ability to:

  1. Discern purpose
  2. Communicate vision
  3. Recognize doubts and fears
  4. Have courageous dialogue
  5. Create innovation
  6. Think systemically

Integrating Your Impact – Explore your transformation over the past 6 months and create an integration plan to share and execute with your manager.

Investment: $4,500 per person



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