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Accelerating Human Potential

Vertical Leadership: 

Advanced Leaders Course



Vertical Leadership Development:

Advanced Leaders Course


The Advanced Leaders course is a dynamic 7-month program of deep learning to advance your leadership impact. The Advanced Leaders program offers established leaders a customized development program that provides essential insights, frameworks, and tools needed to leverage your influence and drive outcomes. VLC combines cutting-edge science with compelling interactive learning to equip you with the techniques and frameworks you need to work with and through others to drive organizational success. You start with your growth edge and we provide the environment to challenge and train your brain!

This program includes:


Investment: $8,000 per person


Session topics include:

Maximize Your Impact

Learn how to learn effectively! Consciously build habits that maximize your development ROI during this course and beyond.

Your Assessment Results

Your Leader Decision Making Assessment (LDMA) results that measure the complexity level of your decision-making skills. The LDMA provides scores and analysis for each topic area we cover.

Advancing Leadership through Perspective Coordination

How to recognize the need for perspectives, identify what perspectives to consider, clarify those perspectives, and bring together perspectives. You will advance your capacity to coordinate perspectives.

Advancing Leadership through Decision-Making

The nature of decision-making goals, the kinds of information considered and the particular steps and/or processes used to make a decision. You will increase your ability to lead complex decision-making.

Advancing Leadership through Contextual Thinking

How to consider the broader context and then leverage perspectives related to the broader context. You will gain greater capacity to consider problems in terms of broader systems/contexts in which they are embedded and able to take context into account to manage effects.

Advancing Leadership through Collaboration

Advanced skills in communication, teamwork, and facilitation. You will develop clear ways to include others in a decision-making process and within your leadership approach.

Advancing Leadership through Argumentation

How clarity and coherence of arguments is a strong indicator of the quality and depth of our knowledge. You will expand your skillset in framing persuasive arguments that are clear and coherent.

Integrating Your Impact

Explore your transformation over the past 7 months and create an integration plan to share and execute with your manager.


2019 Advanced Leaders Schedule

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