Emerging Leaders

Achieve greater success and take on bigger roles by minimizing reactive tendencies and maximizing creative competencies.


Advanced Leaders

Expanding how you perceive and engage in leadership to increase your ability to handle complexity!


Additional Offerings


  • Assessment and Coaching
  • Private TrainingCompany-sponsored Vertical Development training sessions


  • Train-the-Trainer Programs


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How long does the program last?

The Emerging Leaders course is 6 sessions, one per month in the Spring and Fall.  The Advanced Leaders course is 7 sessions, one per month in the Spring and Fall. Each session is 3 hours long.

What should I expect as a weekly time commitment for homework?

VLC programs are built around continuous learning cycles that occur as you work, meaning that there are no extra hours needed!  Your learning plan will be embedded into your work tasks.

Individuals may feel drawn to learn deeper about particular topics and in these situations, you control how much time you want to spend.   To achieve robust learning, plan on spending 3-5 hours per month in active learning and reflection. 

Cancellation / Refund policy?

You may cancel up to 30 days before your first session begins, and receive a full refund (refund is prorated if you have started an assessment). Once your session has begun, please contact with any emergency cancellations, and we’ll be happy to make accommodations when practical.

Is there a group discount if more than 1 leader from our company signs up?

Yes, contact us at to learn more about group discounts!

Which development program is the best fit for me?

The Emerging Leaders program is targeted to early career or first-time managers.  It is an opportunity to examine how reactive tendencies are limiting and how creative competencies support you in scalable and sustainable leadership.

The Advanced Leaders program is best for leaders that have been leading for a while.  These leaders have been through a lot of learning (either formal in the classroom or through the school of hard knocks) and are ready to do some deep learning to increase their effectiveness in managing in volatile, uncertain, ambiguous, and complex (VUCA) business world. 

What will the learning be like?

The program starts by teaching you how to develop and the entire program is focused around what your individual development needs are.  Throughout the program you will have the option to choose how deeply you want to learn and engage with the topic (low, medium, high).  What you can expect is constant interaction.  The lectures will be minimal and instead will provide enough of a frame for you to get practical and try things out.  The entire program will explore your emerging development edges and create practical development plans to build capabilities! 

What is developmental coaching?

Developmental coaching is focused on your long-term development as a whole, with an aim to increase your broader human capacities.  We at VLC like to think of it as supporting you towards reaching your full human potential.  It is geared towards equipping you to make a smooth transition to a higher level of functioning. 

Are the learning and developmental coaching separate or do they work together?

They work together!  The program learning has specific focuses for learning and exploring your developmental edges (based on assessment and insights from class).  The coach then works with you on these developmental edges to explore your action plan and ensure you have the right components and support to be successful.  The coach will also guide you in reflection about what is going well and what needs to be modified.  In sum, you have an individualized experience to support your success in the classroom and outside!

Will I have the same developmental coach through the entire program?

That depends on you!  You can choose the same coach through the entire program or you can change it up.  The choice is yours!  You will have a bank of hours and you get to choose how and when to use them.

How do I schedule time with my coach?

VLC provides an app that allows you to easily see what schedule options exist with all the coaches.  This puts you in charge of determining who and what works best in your busy life!

What if I just want the assessment and coaching?

We offer that too!  VLC offers assessments and quarterly coaching; click here to find out more.

What is vertical development?

Vertical development is the transformation of how a leader thinks, feels and makes sense of the world. It radically strengthens a leader’s capacity to think strategically and systemically, collaborate, resolve conflicts, and lead transformational change.

If you want to geek out on vertical development, here are three great reads!

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●      Five Levels of Leadership

What adult development theory do you use in your programs?

Vertical Leadership Consulting (VLC) believes that all adult development theory suggests the same thing - expanded frameworks of how adults understand, interpret and manage the world.  To align with that belief, VLC values and utilizes ALL adult development theories, frameworks, and tools (i.e. Kegan, Fischer, Cook-Greuter, etc.). We have the academic and practitioner knowledge to know what tool/theory will best support your individual leadership development journey. 

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